SPANISH - ESPANOL - 2018 Paz en Cristo

Attached is the files for free binders and banners and pages for this year - to help you in your youth organization.  Hope these help.

Law of Consecration!!  Enjoy!!


Here are some pages from the files:


Great dating/Marriage advice

How do you know if you have found the one?



My little track star

It's her first race.  Ever.  My little cross country track star is about to take 1st place on her varsity team, 16th overall in Miami, Florida.  With a time of 17:20 she medals and all her friends start calling her "Flash"

Favorites. Bags. Pens. Friends.

I am grateful for friends with love.  All my favorite things come together in this photo. 

Thank you, Anani. ...even your name is one of my most favorites.  You're easy to love.